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Military Appreciation Month: Lessons Learned from an F-15 Ejection at 2000 Feet

Peter “Shadow” Ford, Requirements & Capabilities Director for Raytheon Missiles & Defense, found his passion the first time he flew in an airplane. In...
female leadership

Cultivating Female Leadership to Spark Innovation in the Defense Community

Heather Robertson sees a bright and exciting future ahead in the defense community and many opportunities for female leadership to spark innovation. Robertson leads...
Human Performance

Human Performance and Biosystems Summit Looks at Relationship Between Readiness and Wellness

Next month, the Defense Strategies Institute’s 3rd Annual Human Performance and Biosystems Summit will take place in Alexandria, VA, on April 7-8, 2021, and...
Women in Military

PODCAST: Women in Military and the Need for Diverse Warfighter Safety Innovation

During Women’s History Month, we dive into the importance of diversity and women in military aviation from the perspective of three women who all...
ejection seat

The Evolution of Ejection Seat Criteria for Warfighter Safety

Having to eject from an aircraft is never a warfighter’s first choice, but it can be a life-saving decision that needs to be made in a split-second. The...

Retired Air Force Colonel Nathan “Lothar” Hill Advocates for Live and Virtual Military Training...

During Military Appreciation Month, our editorial team is speaking with military heroes who have served our country and continue to support the military in...

Military Appreciation Month PODCAST: Stricklin’s Story of Survival After F-16 Seat Ejection

In honor of Military Appreciation Month, the Modern Military Training editorial team is speaking with military heroes that had their hearts set on serving...
Warfighter Systems Summit

Warfighter Systems Summit: Advancing Lethality Through Training Technology

Perhaps the main goal of optimizing and expanding military training programs is, of course, making today’s warfighter as lethal and prepared as possible. Next...
Military Training

Facing the Challenge of Concussions in Military Training and Performance

Concussions have attracted a great deal of attention in professional sports in recent years. However, compared to an athlete, the problems for a warfighter associated with head injuries are much more serious and challenging.

Examining Mental Demand and Training Efficacy for Soldiers in Live vs. Virtual Training Programs

During  MODSIM World 2017, several modeling and simulation experts came together and discussed  where military training is headed and how simulation technology is impacting...