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Geospatial Intelligence

4 Geospatial Intelligence Revolutions that Will Close the Military Information Gap

Sea Air Space 2021 opened its doors to decision makers and leaders in the military and throughout the U.S. defense industry this week. The three-day event will...
critical mission systems

Developing Critical Mission Systems to Pace the Threat and Accelerate Innovation

When we think about how military aircraft have evolved over the years, the silhouette of the plane, its aerodynamics, or its stealth capabilities may...
Raise the Bar

Raise the Bar: Demanding Cybersecurity Excellence for Cross Domain Solutions in the Battlespace

To enable multi-domain operations across a connected battlespace, it is critical that security it built into the foundation of the solution, meeting Raise the...
Space Force

On the Cutting Edge: U.S. Space Force 2021 Priorities

The U.S. Space Force, America’s newest branch of the military, has been busy creating a place for itself at the national defense table. Tasked...
Cyber Resiliency

AUSA 2020: The Time is Now for Cyber Resiliency on the Battlefield

The 2020 AUSA Annual Meeting kicked off virtually this week, sporting the theme “The Time is Now” and emphasizing the people, modernization, readiness, and...
Space Development Agency

How the Space Development Agency is Preparing the Warfighter for the Space Domain Fight

Space is quickly becoming a highly contested and congested domain, with allies and adversaries alike establishing their presence in the final frontier. The ability...
Joan Higginbotham

Faces of Training: Joan Higginbotham – An Engineer was Born and Soared to Space

Editor’s Note: Women’s History Month is around the corner and the Modern Military Training editors will feature Women in STEM-related careers both in civilian,...
Sea Air Space 2018

AR and Cyber Operations Greatly Contribute to Sea Air Space 2018 Discussion

Last week, Modern Military Training was on-site at Sea Air Space 2018, the largest maritime exposition in the U.S., to learn about the latest...
Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity Training Methodology for Military

(Editor’s Note: Cybersecurity and training go hand-in-hand, specifically as the military grows and develops its cybersecurity workforce and prepares the warfighter for battle. Cybersecurity...
Cyber Defense

Progress in Cyber Defense Training Programs as Demonstrated by the U.S. Army and U.S....

Cyber warriors are one of the newest and most important service members in today’s military. Cyber threats have become increasingly sophisticated over the years,...