Multi-domain Operations

Project Convergence

A Closer Look at Project Convergence and its Impact on Army Decision-Making

Just a few weeks ago, critical demonstrations supporting the Army’s Project Convergence initiative took place showcasing the importance of agility across domains and the...

Chief of Strategic Foresight and Futures at AFWIC Pinpoints Need for a Cultural Catalyst

The fight of today will not be the same fight of the future. Technologies are shifting, adversaries are more sophisticated, and the battlespace is...

Former AFWIC CFT Lead Shares Insights into the Future of a Multi-Domain Force

There is no denying that future warfare across domains will be highly contested with adversaries at the heels of the U.S. trying to seek...
Advanced Battle Management System

Advanced Battle Management System Demonstration Highlights Joint Forces Data Sharing Future

The advent of a truly integrated combat system came closer to realization following the latest demonstration of the Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS) on...
Joint All Domain Warfare

VIDEO: Training for the Future of Joint All Domain Warfare

Today’s battlefield domains are quickly becoming more complex and integrated covering land, air, sea, space, and cyber. U.S. Air Force leaders have made it...
Tactical Edge

Is Artificial Intelligence Ready for the Tactical Edge?

Advances in artificial intelligence make battlefield AI more capable than ever before by enabling higher volumes of data to be processed and delivering analyses...
Human Systems

Human Systems Conference 2020: Optimizing Multi-Domain Operations

Editor’s Note: This article was penned by Jim McCarthy, vice president, Instructional Systems at Sonalysts, Inc. and chair of NDIA’s Human Systems Division. In...

First ABMS Testing Brings Services a Step Closer to Joint All-Domain Command and Control

U.S. military services are working together to prepare for the future battle in a unified, integrated manner. To be successful, this requires a Joint...
Joint All-Domain Command and Control

Joint All-Domain Command and Control Operational Success Requires Investment in Multi-Domain Test and Training

In preparing to fight together simultaneously across multiple domains, the U.S. Air Force, Army, and most recently the Navy Chief of Operations have started...

How PEO Soldier is Addressing Cognitive Overload

As the tip of the spear in the Army’s effort to prepare soldiers to fight a great power conflict, the Soldier Lethality Cross Functional...