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Connected Battlespace

The Power of the Connected Battlespace Ripples Across the Global Defense Landscape

Recent U.S. initiatives such as JEDI, Advanced Battle Management Systems (ABMS), or Project Convergence are expressions of a new collaborative paradigm taking place. Under...
Virtual Training

Open, Integrated, Flexible: The Virtual Training Solutions of the Future

It’s May 2021, and a deployed warfighter is training for her mission. In a virtual reality (VR) simulator, she’s practicing the tactics, techniques, and procedures for a test jump before taking to an airplane, where the...
Canadian Army

Canadian Army Veteran Champions Open Systems and Interoperability into his Civilian Career

Modern Integrated Warfare is celebrating Military Appreciation Month with a series featuring both active-duty and veteran service members that are shaping the battlespace as we know it....
Autonomous Systems

The Future Playbook for Integrating Autonomous Systems In-Theater

An increased role of autonomous systems in the battlespace is something that has been in defense strategies for a long time now and has...

CJADC2 – Creating a Culture of Connectivity

Connectivity is at the core of the future fight. Connecting warfighters and commanders to the data resources they need to win fights in every...
Air Launched Effects

Air Launched Effects Require an Open Systems Approach and Adaptability for Impact

When considering every different element of a defense strategy, survivability and warfighter safety are often among the top priorities. This is especially true when...
Accelerate and Innovate

Podcast: Bruce VanSkiver Explains How Industry Can Enable USAF to Accelerate and Innovate

As the Air Force Association (AFA) Aerospace Warfare Symposium kicks off, the editors of Modern Integrated Warfare connected with leaders to discuss the hot...
Open Systems Approach

NEW WHITEPAPER: Defining an Open Systems Approach for the Defense Community

Joint Forces are coming together to fight and defeat new, more sophisticated threats. As domains become more connected across air, land, space, and cyber,...

AFA President Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Bruce “Orville” Wright Previews the 2021 Aerospace Warfare Symposium

This year’s Air Force Association (AFA) Aerospace Warfare Symposium is rapidly approaching. And while, like most events taking place in the thick of the...
Project Convergence

Defense Experts Speak to Road Ahead for Project Convergence 2021

Over the last few years, the U.S. Army has been undergoing an effort to modernize many of its mission systems. Part of this effort...