Training Effectiveness

Pilot Training

DOWNLOAD: Recent Study Moves to Boost Pilot Training Efficacy via Standardized Performance Assessment

The Department of Defense is always looking for ways to improve training realism for warfighters while also working with restrictive budgets, which has led...
simulator training

Ensuring Effectiveness in Simulator Training

Is simulator training as effective as live training, for a warfighter sitting at the controls of an aircraft at supersonic speed, 30,000 feet above...
Maritime Warfare

The New Necessities of Training for Maritime Warfare

Maritime warfare today is a multi-dimensional arena where the electronic and cyber domains are arguably just as important as the direction of the bullets...
Modeling and Simulation

Lessons from the Modeling and Simulation Community in Training Modernization

The world of modeling and simulation is highly dynamic with new technologies constantly popping up on the horizon. With this constant flux and change...
AI for Military Training

AI for Military Training: Lessons Learned from the Healthcare Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) is infiltrating nearly every industry and continues to be a hot topic in the training industry. Could AI for military training...
AI for Training

Beyond the Hype of AI for Training: Looking at Today’s Challenges

Some of the largest companies today are data companies such as Uber, Amazon, Google, and others, each playing a role in how we collect,...

Measuring Training Effectiveness with Data Analytics and AI Solutions

While traditional training methods have remained mostly unchanged, training needs continue to grow in complexity. Currently, training methods are simply not meeting the needs...
Cloud-Based Visual Systems

DOWNLOAD: Looking to Cloud-Based Visual Systems for Tomorrow’s Warfighter Training

Following I/ITSEC 2018, Modern Military Training caught up with Jeanette Ling, Principal Software Engineer in the Visual Systems group of Collins Aerospace, to discuss...
Pilot Training Next

USAF “Pilot Training Next” is Revolutionizing Training

{Editor’s note: This article is authored by Scott Kozak, Executive Director of Military Business Development, NeuroTracker. In this piece, Kozak focused on the need...
Land Forces

Land Forces Training Needs a Reboot to Prepare for the Multi-Domain Battlefield

Is today’s approach to land forces training ready for a refresh? The move towards multi-and-cross-domain operations requires a different approach to the pure ground...