Training Effectiveness

Joint All-Domain Command and Control

Joint All-Domain Command and Control Operational Success Requires Investment in Multi-Domain Test and Training

In preparing to fight together simultaneously across multiple domains, the U.S. Air Force, Army, and most recently the Navy Chief of Operations have started...
pilot training

3 Ways to Shorten the Training Cycle and Boost the Proficiency of Pilot Training

The shortage of pilots in the military service is not a new problem, but it is one that the U.S. Air Force is taking...
Marine Corps Training

Commandant’s Planning Guidance May Require Changes in Marine Corps Training

Over the past few months, the Marine Corps has been working to fundamentally rebuild itself. After two decades serving as “the nation’s second land...
Sailor 2025

Sailor 2025 Pushing Ready Relevant Learning

As the Navy moves away from an Industrial Age learning model through its Sailor 2025 initiative, widespread change is readily apparent as its Ready...
Sailor 2025

Sailor 2025 Helps Military Get Away from Industrial Age Learning

As new technologies emerge on the battlefield and in the arsenals of peer and near-peer competitors, it behooves our armed services to make sure...
pilot shortage

Why Pilot Training Needs to Change to Address the Military Pilot Shortage

There is a growing concern in both commercial and defense industries around the growing pilot shortage. The Army has been grappling with filling over...
Force of the Future

AI Brings Science Fiction and Gaming to Life to Train the Force of the...

Editor’s Note: Richard Boyd, CEO of Tanjo, authored this article. Over the past 26 years, Richard has created some of the industry’s most innovative...
cognitive enhancement training

Why Cognitive Enhancement Training is Set to Transform Military Performance

As modern technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) continue to advance in development, the military is utilizing technological advances and new equipment to provide more...
Human Performance and Biosystems Summit

Human Performance and Biosystems Summit to Show How to Advance Warfighter Performance

The incredible advances in biosystems technology, AI, and virtual reality have undoubtedly opened up new avenues for more rigorous, effective training that helps warfighters...
Pilot Training

Ramping Up Pilot Training is Critical for the Future of the U.S. Air...

The U.S. Air Force (USAF) is currently identifying ways to address its shortage of active-duty airmen, and specifically the shortage of available pilots. Recruitment...