Military Training

Virtual Training

Open, Integrated, Flexible: The Virtual Training Solutions of the Future

It’s May 2021, and a deployed warfighter is training for her mission. In a virtual reality (VR) simulator, she’s practicing the tactics, techniques, and procedures for a test jump before taking to an airplane, where the...
Col. Yates

Col. Nicholas Yates Sees an Innovative, Software-Defined Future Ahead for the U.S. Military

With Military Appreciation Month underway, Modern Integrated Warfare continues to share the stories of warfighters past and present who are shaping the battlespace of...
Blended Training

Blended Training Breaks Down Siloes for Army’s Live Training Strategy

When considering the military training process across all branches, it’s long been perceived that each increment of training operates in its own silo and each serves its...
female leadership

Cultivating Female Leadership to Spark Innovation in the Defense Community

Heather Robertson sees a bright and exciting future ahead in the defense community and many opportunities for female leadership to spark innovation. Robertson leads...
Human Performance

Human Performance and Biosystems Summit Looks at Relationship Between Readiness and Wellness

Next month, the Defense Strategies Institute’s 3rd Annual Human Performance and Biosystems Summit will take place in Alexandria, VA, on April 7-8, 2021, and...
Raise the Bar

Raise the Bar: Demanding Cybersecurity Excellence for Cross Domain Solutions in the Battlespace

To enable multi-domain operations across a connected battlespace, it is critical that security it built into the foundation of the solution, meeting Raise the...
Pilot Training Performance

DOWNLOAD: Assessment of Confidence Impact on Pilot Training Performance

Confidence in one’s ability to complete a task has long been thought to be a contributing factor in the actual performance of said task....
Training for Warfighter Readiness

Virtual and Augmented Reality Enables Convergence of Operational and Training for Warfighter Readiness

Recently at vIITSEC, industry leaders came together with military leaders to discuss the future of training on the multi-domain battlefield. With a focus on...
Simulation Training

2021 Predictions: BISim Experts See Continued Growth in Simulation Training Beyond the Pandemic

As 2020 comes to a close, it’s now time to start looking forward to 2021 and how the important lessons we’ve learned over this...
Dan Gelston

Dan Gelston, CAE President on vIITSEC and the Future Training and Simulation Industry

2020 has been a year of challenges and innovations to overcome them. The ongoing public health crisis caused by COVID-19 has disrupted the very...