Faces of Training

Faces of Training: Gene Colabatistto Encourages Innovative Attitude in Defense Community

The world of simulation and training is constantly evolving, which makes insights we capture from our featured thought leaders invaluable to Modern Military Training...
simulation and training

Faces of Training: Industry Veteran Reflects on 30 Years in Modeling Simulation and Training

There has never been a time when training military forces wasn’t a necessary and critical aspect to preparing for battle. Yet over the decades,...

Major General Gervais Discusses STE CFT’s Milestone Achievements in 2019

If anything is clear in the military training and simulation field, it is that the military and its partners in industry and academia are...

IITSEC 2019 Buzz: Cognitive Readiness, Interoperability, and Adaptive Training

This year at IITSEC 2019, the theme of the event was “Winning the war of cognition by pushing readiness and lethality boundaries.” As the...
Warfighter Systems Summit

Warfighter Systems Summit: Advancing Lethality Through Training Technology

Perhaps the main goal of optimizing and expanding military training programs is, of course, making today’s warfighter as lethal and prepared as possible. Next...
Military Flight Training

Collaborating with Key Stakeholders at the 5th Annual Military Flight Training Conference

As the next generation of aircraft emerges, military leaders and training experts are coming together to identify the current training gaps for the warfighter...

AUSA: Synthetic Training Environment Team Outlines VR and AR Requirements for Successful Training

The Synthetic Training Environment (STE) created by the U.S. Army is a cross functional team that is unlike the training environments of the past....

MODSIM World 2019: Enabling Digital Transformation

In April, MODSIM World 2019 will bring together attendees in the modeling and simulation (M&S) industry to focus on the impact of digital transformation....

Video: IITSEC Then and Now

In November, the editors of Modern Military Training were on the show floor at IITSEC talking with industry leaders about the latest trends in...
cloud-based visual systems

Best Paper at IITSEC 2018: Cloud-Based Visual Systems for Modernizing Military Training

The predominance of cloud-based technology in the defense industry is rapidly growing and its ability to shape the way we train warfighters today and...