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I/ITSEC 2021

I/ITSEC 2021 Preview: RADM Robb on Adapting to an Unexpected Future

I/ITSEC 2021 is upon us, and the Modern Integrated Warfare team is excited to be attending the show in-person this year. From JADC2 to...
Joint Secure Air Combat Training System

Joint Secure Air Combat Training System to Improve Operational Readiness for Royal Air Force...

As military forces prepare to fight, they require test and training capabilities that allow warfighters to operate in real-time with partners and allies across...
Warfighter Performance

Defense Leaders Discuss the Impact of Emerging Technologies on Warfighter Performance in the 21st...

The defense industry is bringing together the best and brightest talent to develop solutions that will have a major impact on the future of...
air launched effects

What Air Launched Effects Bring to the Table for Defense Innovation Efforts

Air Launched Effects, or ALEs, are an increasingly important tool in the contested battlespace as adversaries continue to become more sophisticated in their approaches. ALEs offer legacy and future aircraft programs cost-effective, scalable effects...
Virtual Training

Open, Integrated, Flexible: The Virtual Training Solutions of the Future

It’s May 2021, and a deployed warfighter is training for her mission. In a virtual reality (VR) simulator, she’s practicing the tactics, techniques, and procedures for a test jump before taking to an airplane, where the...
Col. Yates

Col. Nicholas Yates Sees an Innovative, Software-Defined Future Ahead for the U.S. Military

With Military Appreciation Month underway, Modern Integrated Warfare continues to share the stories of warfighters past and present who are shaping the battlespace of...
Blended Training

Blended Training Breaks Down Siloes for Army’s Live Training Strategy

When considering the military training process across all branches, it’s long been perceived that each increment of training operates in its own silo and each serves its...
female leadership

Cultivating Female Leadership to Spark Innovation in the Defense Community

Heather Robertson sees a bright and exciting future ahead in the defense community and many opportunities for female leadership to spark innovation. Robertson leads...
Human Performance

Human Performance and Biosystems Summit Looks at Relationship Between Readiness and Wellness

Next month, the Defense Strategies Institute’s 3rd Annual Human Performance and Biosystems Summit will take place in Alexandria, VA, on April 7-8, 2021, and...
Raise the Bar

Raise the Bar: Demanding Cybersecurity Excellence for Cross Domain Solutions in the Battlespace

To enable multi-domain operations across a connected battlespace, it is critical that security it built into the foundation of the solution, meeting Raise the...