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Canadian Army

Canadian Army Veteran Champions Open Systems and Interoperability into his Civilian Career

Modern Integrated Warfare is celebrating Military Appreciation Month with a series featuring both active-duty and veteran service members that are shaping the battlespace as we know it....
Strategic Warfare

Modernizing Strategic Warfare Capabilities Through Advanced Digital Engineering

One of the most important aspects of defense is deterrence. Offensive and defensive capabilities that can make an adversary question whether to attack or...
Autonomous Systems

The Future Playbook for Integrating Autonomous Systems In-Theater

An increased role of autonomous systems in the battlespace is something that has been in defense strategies for a long time now and has...
Blended Training

Blended Training Breaks Down Siloes for Army’s Live Training Strategy

When considering the military training process across all branches, it’s long been perceived that each increment of training operates in its own silo and each serves its...

CJADC2 – Creating a Culture of Connectivity

Connectivity is at the core of the future fight. Connecting warfighters and commanders to the data resources they need to win fights in every...
U.S. Air Force

Preparing the Next Generation of the U.S. Air Force to Embrace Diversity, Authenticity and...

During Women’s History Month, the Modern Integrated Warfare team is highlighting women in leadership roles who are making an impact on the future of...
female leadership

Cultivating Female Leadership to Spark Innovation in the Defense Community

Heather Robertson sees a bright and exciting future ahead in the defense community and many opportunities for female leadership to spark innovation. Robertson leads...
Air Launched Effects

Air Launched Effects Require an Open Systems Approach and Adaptability for Impact

When considering every different element of a defense strategy, survivability and warfighter safety are often among the top priorities. This is especially true when...
Human Performance

Human Performance and Biosystems Summit Looks at Relationship Between Readiness and Wellness

Next month, the Defense Strategies Institute’s 3rd Annual Human Performance and Biosystems Summit will take place in Alexandria, VA, on April 7-8, 2021, and...
Women in Military

PODCAST: Women in Military and the Need for Diverse Warfighter Safety Innovation

During Women’s History Month, we dive into the importance of diversity and women in military aviation from the perspective of three women who all...